Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This has been an interesting convention because in some respects I agree with James Carville in that there has not been an overriding message. On the other hand after two days we have been treated to three speeches that will be remembered for the ages.

Ted Kennedy pulled a Kirk Gibson and came out of the dugout and despite injuries hit a game winning World Series home run. An inspiring show of courage.

Michelle Obama didn't just launch her husbands sprint for the finish, but she could have launched her own political career. Senator Obama from Illinois?

Then there was Hillary. Hillary could have taken the easy way out and delivered a short speech that just said "if you supported me and believe in the things I believe in, the only way you could vote for McCain is if you are an idiot". Instead she opted to take a less over the top but equally blunt assessment that everybody better get on the Obama bus. She was emotional, honest, delivered some memorable sound bites and did the job in spades. She set the table (again to quote Carville) for Obama to seal the deal with her supporters.

Just like Michelle and Teddy saved night one from an incoherent message, Hillary saved night 2. I watched on CSPAN so I could avoid the chatter and listen to the speeches and was very disappointed in the Mark Warner speech. A key noter needs to do better than that. Good speeches from Brian Schweitzer and Bob Casey were offset by Kathleen Sebelius and Warner, but Hillary ruled the day.

The first two days have set up for what could be the most memorable night of the convention. Bill Clinton is going to pick up where Hillary left off and do a killer speech tonight. Joe Biden is going to be the killer of the night. If those two heavy weights aren't enough, there are also speeches from Sen. Jack Reed, Former Sen. Tom Daschle, Sen. John Kerry, and Gov. Bill Richardson. Tonight promises to give every Democrat the red meat they are looking for.

So grading the convention so far, I give it a B-. Only rescued by the three speeches for the ages. That said, I am expecting by the end of the convention it is all going to come together.

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