Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Just In

While stumping for votes in Ohio today Barack Obama was asked "what do you make of the recent interviews with Governor Palin?" After pausing for a second he responded:

If it isn't clear by now that she has a paper thin understanding of the major issues facing our country today, then I'm not sure why you need to ask me that".

He paused before further unleashing:

"It is a disgrace that John McCain has insulted the American public by picking someone so incredibly unfit to lead. I watched her and Senator McCain interviewed by Katie Couric and could only think of the disrespect John McCain must hold for the office of the Presidency."

Ok, the only time Barack Obama said that was in my dreams, but why not? It's ok for both sides to slander each other but telling the obvious truth about Palin is out of bounds? I can't believe the machinations that Joe Biden must be going through in getting ready to debate. Why is it that he needs to take it easy on her? "I know Senator Clinton, Senator Clinton was a friend of mine, and Governor you are no Senator Clinton".

Ok, maybe Joe Biden should steer clear of using other people's lines, but why is going after her vast resevoir of stupidity off limits? Is that harsh? Did Dan Quayle take worse than that? Does he make her look like a Rhodes Scholar?

This is no compliment to me, but I have a better knowledge of the issues than she does. Anyone that reads a paper or watches the news or reads online news has a better knowledge of the issues than she does. Let's stop grading on the curve for the Presidency. The media (thank you Jack Cafferty) has taken her to task, it is now time for the Democratic ticket to raise the stakes.

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