Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Couric V Palin

I don't think I can remember ever sitting though an interview with any candidate and coming away with such an improved outlook as I have in these interviews. Katie Couric did a great job. Has any interviewer ever been more responsible for exposing the complete incompetence of a candidate as Katie has done? After the Gibson interview there was a little sympathy because some perceived "what is your opinion of the Bush Doctrine" as a trick question. I don't think the same could be said of asking Palin what newspapers she reads.

Tonight's questions were posed to both Biden and Palin and were centered around the Supreme Court and separation of church and state. These are issues that should be in Palin's wheelhouse.

The first question was about Roe v Wade and why she thought it was a bad decision. While Joe Biden praised the decision he did it within the context of the the decision, Palin's critique was more from a perspective of her personal views. When Katie Couric followed up about with a question about the right to privacy, Palin gave a contradictory position to her position on Roe v Wade. While she probably isn't going to be taken to task for either issue, both answers add evidence that she has nothing more than a paper thin understanding of the issues.

The next question regarding "what other Supreme Court decsions do you disagree with?" will be the one that gets a lot of attention. Clearly she has no idea of any other Supreme Court decisions she can think of when she does her tap dance, but her most eggregious part of her answer is that as a Vice President she will not be in a position to challenge Supreme Court decisions. While that may be true, but in the unfortunate event that she is elevated to the position of President, she could be in the position to nominate someone for the Supreme Court. Without the ability to discern judicial decsions, how will she be able to choose between her grade school friends?

Maybe Todd can do it.

These are questions that should be relatively easy. Tomorrow standing side by side with Joe Biden can you imagine what an incredible flame out tomorrow could be?

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