Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mixed Bag

Today my mixed bag is going to attempt the near impossible. Today I am going to try to do a mixed bag without mentioning the Governor of Alaska. Good luck to me!

Leading off, did anyone get a chance to see Biden interview with Katie Couric? What a knowledgeable guy. I bet he even reads newspapers.

One down, no mentions yet

Gwen Ifill is having a tough week. On Monday she broke her ankle carrying box files in preparation for her VP debate this week (interns???). Today she took a lot of unwarranted flak over the news that she has a book coming out in January about the rise of blacks in politics in the era of Obama. Last I checked Obama wasn't in Thursday's debate. She is in a no win position in this debate, unless the questions are about the best way to kill and cook a moose or the benefits of attending 5 mediocre colleges in 4 years then people are going to think she is biased.

Today Senator McCain had a mini meltdown in Iowa when he was asked about a particularly bad choice he made recently. Seems like Johnny Mac is getting a little testy. Let's hope he doesn't have any Supreme Court justices that face tough scrutiny.

The national horse race polls have been overwhelmingly drifting towards Obama but the state polls have been relatively close....until today. Today polls came out showing Obama with close to double digit leads in Pennsyvania, Minnesota, Florida, Virginia, and Ohio. While some of these polls may be outiers, directionally they point to huge momentum moving towards Obama at the state level. If these polls are right, come election time Obama is going to be in the 400 delegate range with a few election night surprises in Georgia and Mississippi.

Given the momentum, expect to start seeing Reverend Wright, Tony Rezco, and William Ayers on a TV near you soon.

With Tim Russert's void this election, who would have picked that some of the most interesting candidate interviews would have come from Katie Couric? I know the election is far from over but can you think of any other interview that has been as eye opening as Katie Couric talking to the potted plant?

There I did it, I didn't mention the disgrace of a VP candidate one time!!!

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