Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hurricaine Palin

If you haven't seen this gem, let's start with the video.....

I guess she never heard of three branches of the government. How could she not know that the VP has no role over the Senate? Shouldn't that alone disqualify her for the job. Idiot.

On a separate Palin topic, the RNC paid 150,000 for wardrobe for Palin. That means f0r the 66 days since McCain sabotaged his campaign, they spent $2500 per day for her wardrobe. They also spent $4800 on her hair. Somewhere out there John Edwards is smiling (insert inappropriate filandering comment here). Why is it Sarah Palin gets a new $2500 outfit every day but Hillary Clinton wore that ugly yellow pantsuit 2x per week.

Today NBC /Washington Post poll said that 34% of voters were concerned about John McCain's judgment in picking Palin vs 23% who were concerned he would continue Bush's policies. More people were concerned about Palin than Bush. That's like picking between death by hanging or death by electrocution.

There are 2 weeks left and anything can happen, but unless McCain can get this trainwreck under control, it's going to be an early night on the 4th.

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