Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mixed Bag - Last Lap Edition

What a crazy few days we are going to have between now and the election!!

First up in the mixed bag is the continuing saga of Sarah Palin abandoning the sinking ship. For her to talk openly about the 2012 race is pretty disrespectful to the race that hasn't run it's full course. I don't see her on the national scene in 4 years. The post mortem of this campaign is not going to be flattering.

Just finished watching Obama's 1/2 hour commercial. A couple of initial thoughts. Production A+, Content A+. This wasn't a speech for the partisans, this was aimed at independants. I would expect that this played well with Independants and women expecially. We will see soon enough.


A few weeks ago I was going to write a post on Republicans who I would mind seeing win and Democrats who I wouldn't mind seeing lose. Chris Shays was on the Republican list and John Murtha was on the Dem list. The events of the past couple of weeks have solidified my opinions on these two. Good luck Chris, Good bye John.

I wore black the day after the 2004 election I was so distraught. I got over it and moved on. Do you get the sense that a fairly significant minority of McCain supporters are going to have a hard time moving on? They have gone so far on the limb, I wonder if they can come back. Oh wait, Hillary supporters got over it, this too shall pass.

Lastly (because I'm tired) we can finally write the post mortem on Hillary Clinton's campaign. She helped toughen up Barack Obama. She got things on the table that spared us the Reverend WWright October Surprise. And lastly and most signifincantly, she forced Obama to compete everywhere. That made him build a large volunteer base and database which has been critical for the general election.

Thank you Hillary Clinton

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On the last point, Amen.