Friday, October 10, 2008

What Should I Do????

A couple of weeks ago, a news site published an email from the head of the GOP in Michigan to Sarah Palin. Of course the news site xxx'd out Sarah's email address but unfortunately forgot to remove the hotlink below the xxx.

When it came over my RSS feeder, I clicked on the link and pop Sarah Palin's email address came up. I opened the RSS feed in Safari to find it had already been corrected.

But here I am with Sarah Palin's email address. Hmmm what to do?

Should I ask her if she's read any good newspapers lately?

Should I congratulate her on her (not so) favorable verdict?

Should I congratulate her on being an inspiration for those without real intelligence everywhere?

Should I send her a serious email about how the disgraceful tone of their campaign this past week has been bad for this country at a defining moment in our history?

Should I ignore it? (I have shown incredible restraint for over a week)

Should I ask her when the vote to secede is?

Should I ask if she thinks her kids behavioral problems are related to the stupid names that they gave them?

Should I ask if she gets it that Tina Fey is making fun of her?

Should I ask if she knows what the Bush Doctrine is yet?

Should I ask her who her favorite Supreme Court Justice is and why?

So many choices.


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