Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe As Bad for Palin


State scrambles to gather private e-mails


(10/10/08 15:11:42)

The state is bustling to try to comply with a court order issued today that requires Gov. Sarah Palin and everyone else in the governor's office to preserve all e-mails issued from private accounts that concern state business.

The state didn't fight activist Andree McLeod's request for a temporary restraining order to force Palin, the GOP vice presidential nominee, and her office to hold onto the private e-mails, said Mike Mitchell, an assistant attorney general. Anchorage Superior Court Judge Craig Stowers ruled largely for McLeod after a hearing today.

The state is going to try to find out which governor's office employees used private e-mails for state business and then try to preserve those e-mails and pull them into the state's e-mail system, he said.

McLeod, a former state employee who has run for office several times, filed a lawsuit against Palin over the governor's use of private e-mail, outside the secure state system.

This is potentially more embarrassing. This is a separate issue from Troopergate, but it was discovered during the investigation that Palin and her minions were conducting state business on private email accounts to avoid detection.

So now that there are things that she needs to answer to, do you think she can do some hard interviews with real journalists.

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