Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The World According to Sarah

About 20 years ago, Roger Clemens complained that he was being misquoted in the Boston Herald. The Herald's response in a segment that became known as "the World According to Roger" was to print his quotes exactly as they came out of his mouth , which in most cases was completely incomprehensible. I don't know why that makes me think of Sarah Palin but let's give it a shot. The first installment of The World According To Sarah:

On being McCain’s running mate:
Palin: “But, you for the years, I’ve been a big fan of his because of that independent that courses through your veins. And that’s made me admire him. And I knew it was confirmation, it was right on that I was to support him when early on in the presidential race, he had said something in the newspaper that was controversial; imagine that, about what was going on in the administration. It was independent, is what he had used, the tone of his comments.

And I had been asked about it up in Alaska, by the local press and I said, oh no. It was spot on. You know? We don’t need to keep going down that track, something that the administration was going on.

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