Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Continued Brilliance Of Sarah Palin

I made it exactly one post since the end of my blogging hiatus to come back to my favorite Zero, Sarah Palin. Maybe someday Michelle Bachman will replace Sarah as everyone's favorite dummy from the right, but that's not happening soon. Her recent comments on the Sean Hannity Show just show incredible ignorance. Here's an excerpt:

"We need to be aware of the creation of a fearful population, and fearful lawmakers, being led to believe that big government is the answer, to bail out the private sector, because then government gets to get in there and control it," she said, "And mark my words, this is going to be next, I fear, bail out next debt-ridden states. Then government gets to get in there and control the people."
Holy $hit is this really the Governor of a state (oh, I guess this very easily could have come from Rick Perry too). Seriously, I couldn't more strongly support having a strong opposition party in this country, it is good for democracy, but when you get elected officials making comments off the reservation you have to wonder if there are any real leaders ready to step forward.

I guess we should expect as much from Sarah given her past affiliation with the separatist organization AIP.

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