Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas in Fallujah

If you haven't heard of Billy Joel's song Christmas in Fallujah performed by Cass Dillon her is a portion of the press release about the song:
Billy Joel, the quintessential American singer, songwriter, composer and performer, has passed along his latest composition, "Christmas In Fallujah," to the emerging young artist Cass Dillon. Dillon's electrifying rendition of the song -- produced by Tommy Byrnes and Jay Baumgardner and recorded with members of Billy's ensemble -- will be available for purchase exclusively on the iTunes Store beginning Tuesday, December 4.

Net proceeds from "Christmas in Fallujah" will be donated to Homes For Our Troops, a nonprofit organization that builds specially adapted homes for service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with severe disabilities. Billy Joel is an avid supporter of Homes For Our Troops. For more information, please go to:

Billy wrote "Christmas In Fallujah" earlier this year as a response to letters he's received from soldiers in Iraq, men and women who've found solace, inspiration and comfort in his songs. A powerful and poignant depiction of the emotional realities on the ground in Iraq, "Christmas In Fallujah" is a song from the heart and a cry of the spirit, a gut-wrenching indictment of the insanity of war which echoes the human side of the conflict, military and civilian alike.

"I didn't feel I was the person to sing this song," said Billy of the decision to work with the up-and-coming Cass Dillon, 21. "I thought it should be somebody young, about a soldier's age. I wanted to help somebody else's career. I've had plenty of hits. I've had plenty of airplay. I've had my time in the sun. I think it's time for somebody else, maybe, to benefit from my own experience."

It is a great song and a great reminder that we are still at war and there are 170 mostly young men sitting in a desert 6000 miles from home.

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