Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Down the Stretch They Come!!!

Two posts tonight since I have been slacking of late. I have been having PC problems. The one post I did make about turning 40 was posted 100% with my new Iphone, which is maybe the best technology item ever invented but that is a story for another post.

Tonight I wanted to touch quickly on a long forgotten topic on this blog of Presidential Politcs.

Things have gotten quite interesting of late....

On the Republican side Mike Huckabee is all the rage of the moment. He is not only leading in Iowa in most polls, but recent polling suggest that he has taken a national poll lead from Rudy. He has basically doubled his national numbers in under a month. He has done all of this despite raising less money for the whole year than Ron Paul raised in a day. He has several things working for him. Unlike Romney, the more you see of Huckabee the more you like him. He is a former southern baptist preacher which basically gives the right the candidate they have been looking for all along. He is also from Hope, Arkansas which has a history of producing great Presidents. He is also a former 350lb man that has become a runner and run two marathons. What's not to like other than his ideology? Can he win? I would like to think I am one of the first to give him a shot. Back in August, in a post I gave him 12-1 odds. Right now I would have to put that at about 4-1.

On the Democratic side, Obama has made Iowa interesting by taking a small lead. Even nationally the gap that was 28% in October is now about 10%. Hillary is starting to suffer from Clinton fatigue. Bill's comments about how he opposed the Iraq war from the beginning reminded people of his disengenuous side that HRC also seems to share.

Summing it up, I'll give some updated odds in each race.

Clinton 2-1
Obama 4-1
Edwards 15-1
Biden 75-1
Dodd 200-1
Kucinich 20,000-1

Giuliani 3-1
Huckabee 4-1
McCain 12-1
Romney 15-1
Thompson 25-1
Paul 75-1
Tanccredo 50,000-1
Hunter 1,000,000,000,000-1

Hillary and Rudy still the leaders in the clubhouse, but it is getting interesting.

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