Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's Over Folks

After tonight, Hillary lost any possible argument. She can't win more states, she can't win more pledged delegates, she lost her chance to win the popular vote tonight, and as of tomorrow, the Super's will flow dramatically to Barack.

At this point Hillary should ease up on the campaign. Follow it to it's completion one month from today if she wants, but the negativity should stop. She should used the next month to drive up Democratic registration in the remaining states and then bow out gracefully after the last primary,
Make no mistake, Obama closed the door tonight. For all the talk about not being able to close it out, he has essentially done it tonight by winning North Carolina by a larger vote margin than she won in Pennsylvania and he may win Indiana to boot.

It's over folks, time to move on to the General Election (and the Celtics playoffs).

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