Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Obama Cabinet

Since the Presidential Election has moved past the Primaries and Hillary Clinton is not in the rear view mirror I've decided to help him fill out the key positions in his cabinet for him (why stop at VP?). Without further ado:

VP- Jim Webb. Jim would be the perfect selection. While not all of his positions on policies are consistent with Barack's, and he is a little more of a maverick than you would like in a VP position, he would be a great complement to Barack. Having been a former Secretary of the Navy he has the military and foreign affairs gravitas that some perceive Barack lacks. He also is a sitting Senator of a state Barack would like to put in play (Virginia). Having him on the team would effectively counter McCain's military experience. His son served recently in Iraq. Senator Webb has been adamantly opposed to Iraq.

Secretary of State-Bill Richardson. He has lots of foreign policy experience including working with North Korea, negotiating hostage releases, and has been an ambassador.

Secretary of Defense- Chuck Hagel. This is a good spot to take a flier on a Republican and offer the position to Retiring Senator Chuck Hagel.

Secretary of Transportation- Mike Bloomberg. While a more natural position for Bloomberg may be Secretary of the Treasury, rebuilding the country's failing infrastructure is one of Bloomberg's biggest concerns.

Attorney General - John Edwards. Wouldn't surprise me to see him sit 4 years in this position and then fill a position on SCOTUS in a second term.

Secretary of Homeland Security- Richard Clarke. Would anybody be more qualified for this position than this guy.

Chief of Staff- Tom Daschle. A former Senate Majority Leader to help guide the new President and help him get legislation passed.

Secretary of Commerce - Deval Patrick. This will make a lot of people in Massachusetts happy.

Secretary of Labor Byron Dorgan. Hard to remove a sitting Senator. Dorgan may be worth the loss.

Head of the EPA- John Kerry. At 65 John Kerry could serve 8 years in this position and retire. The environment is one of his major concerns. Plus it would be a safe seat to replace, unlike Dorgan's.
So that's Barack's cabinet. He should also pre-announce as many as possible before the General Election to help his standing in the polls. Guys like Richardson, Hagel, and Edwards could help put some states in play (particularly Richardson)

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