Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dumping Sarah

I said it early on that Sarah Palin was a 50-50 proposition to be on the ticket come election day. Today I feel like it is 80-20 she doesn't make it this week. After hiding her for a month, the campaign was forced to let her do two interviews and an infomercial.

After embarassing herself, her party, the state of Alaska, and women in general McCain is forced with the growing reality that she hurts not helps him. The desparate attempt to postpone the debate Friday and schedule it this Thursday was a transparent attempt to spare themselves.

I also have the feeling that there is concern over a "tax" problem with Palin not paying taxes on her per diem or state gifts. She needs to declare her taxes the day after the debate. What better way to short circuit two election ending embarassments by pulling the plug Wednesday.

Since McCain was always a little bit of an underdog in this race, he can I'll afford to take on an ancor. This week he will rid himself of this ancor and select his original choice, Tom Ridge. It will be a swing for the fences attempt to winn Pennsylvania and offset his losses in Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico and Virginia. If he can hold all the other Bush states from 2004, that makes it 270-268 McCain.

In the face of another month of escalating debacles, why not roll the dice early enough that you can still recover?

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