Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Remember

Today I was in a meeting in a downtown hotel in Boston for the whole day hardly giving a thought to today's anniversary. On the way home tonight I was listening to the Howard Stern Show when I heard them mention that today was 9/11. I had a quick flash back to sitting in my car on my way to work 7 years ago when learning from Howard Stern that two planes flew into the World Trade Center.

I can still hear Howard react after turning on the CNN live feed and hearing him say very firmly "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK". Listening to the rest of the broadcast from a New Yorker's perspective with uncensored emotion was very powerful. Their broadcast that day with calls from all over the city was extraordinary.

Every 9/11 it feels kind of odd to spend the day going though normal activities, a holiday probably isn't the right way to remember it but what about a national morning of remembrance? Businesses and schools open late, maybe at 10:00. It just seems that on the anniversary of the day that shook us to our core, we should have some collective remembrance of the horrors of that day and the shared resilient spirit that followed in the days to come.

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