Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ready to Riot

Sure there are crazies on both sides of the electorate, but the crazies don't need to be whipped up by the candidates. Those actions should be left to the Sean Hannity's the Rush Limbaugh's the Bill Mahar's and the Michael Moore's of the world. When the candidates do it it is irresponsible. The frenzy that McCain and his dimwitted running mate have whipped is disgraceful. In the video's below it is pretty apparent that they are not dealing with people that are playing with a full deck, but both Palin and McCain keep on going with their Hate Talk Express.

Do you think for one minute if someone something like this about McCain in front of Obama he would have smirked it off without a lecture? I've heard him complain when people would "boo" Hillary Clinton, this was a little worse.

And on to the mob....

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