Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A couple of months ago, an incredible moron hijacked my blog and wrote an insane post something to the effect of " Why I'm not happy my favorite basketball team traded for my favorite player". This incredible moron made some great points that All Star teams never work and that Gerald Green would haunt us the way that Chauncy Billups haunts us.

Well, if we want Gerald Green back we can sign him at the end of the season since Minnesota didn't extend his rookie contract. As for the All Star Teams never work, I guess Bird McHale Parrish DJ and Walton must have never played in All star games.

As much as I have always loved watching Kevin Garnett play, his value to the team far transcends the numbers. To appreciate how good he is you have to watch him over several games do the little things that do not show up in box scores. For the first 30 games he has put up some of the worst numbers of his career, yet is the consensus MVP over the first 30 games.

There are many great players in the league. I would argue that there are more great players in the league now than at any point in the history of the league. But there are few special players that are special players that are not only great themselves, but also make their whole team better. Bird did it, Magic did it, Jordan did it, and Garnett does it. (Kobe, not so much)

Paul Pierce is having a career year on both sides of the ball. On offense you can attribute his performance to having Garnett and Allen free him up from doubles and triple teams. On defense, Paul has long been considered a weak defender (although his rookie year he was a very good defender). The difference this year is that everyone feeds of KG's energy and nobody wants to be the cause of a let down.

Tonight against the Rockets, it was the first home game after a quick but draining West Coast trip. When you could see the Rockets take control of the game because the Celtics were wiped out, Kevin Garnett picked up the team by himself and pulled out the game. During a late time out when the game was decided, Paul Pierce jumped on Kevin Garnett's back illustrating what was visible for anyone watching the game.

The Celtics now have a 7 game winning streak, it is their third of at least that length in their 30 game season. They are playing the most inspired basketball in the NBA and have sparked renewed interest around the league.

So all I can say is that whoever wrote that incredibly stupid post in July was icredibly wrong. I will tighten security to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

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